I can easily see why you come so highly recommended.

—Frederick Wherry, author
The Philadelphia Barrio



“I’d like to commend you on an excellent job with the index! This was a very dense subject, with many ambiguous and inconsistent references, but you did a marvelous job of sorting through all the events and names and such and putting them in cohesive order. There were only cosmetic changes I made to the index, but apart from that, I’ve left the index virtually untouched. You alphabetized the troublesome names with particles just fine, as far as I can tell. Once again, thank you so much for your hard work on this.”
—Mark Bennett, editor, University of Chicago Press

“Thanks so much, Jan. You are really great to work with (i.e., you roll with the constant changes that go on in this business).”
—Nancy Stevenson, editor, Pearson/Prentice Hall

“Thanks for the very close reading! I'd like to add a note of thanks to you in the acknowledgements—is it too late for this?”
—Ron Emoff, Recollecting the Past, Wesleyan University Press

“I want to tell you what a nice job you did on Ron's index: he is happy, Wesleyan is happy, and so am I! —I really had nothing to do when I looked it over.”
—Ann Brash, editor, University Press of New England

“And thank you, especially, for the wonderful job you did on the index. You created an extraordinarily creative and accurate tool, so thank you.”
—Pamela Smith, The Body of the Artisan, University of Chicago Press

“The author [Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson] said he ‘loves” the index!’
—Josh Karpf, editor, Random House Publishing Group

“The index is richly imaginative. I especially like your headings that deal with perspectives. I didn’t realize that an index can be a work of art.”
—Thomas Hughes, Human-Built World, University of Chicago Press

“You are a genius. I just sailed through the index (carefully) and it was easy to catch the few mistakes because they jumped out at my accustomed eye. I was particularly impressed by some of the complex entries like ‘colonial context’ and oil boom, oil bust, that really pull together related passages—what a lot of work, very useful for the reader.”—Andrew Apter, The PanAfrican Nation, University of Chicago Press

“I did get the index and it looks wonderful!”
—George Steinmetz, The Politics of Method in the Social Sciences, Duke University Press

“And your indexes are always perfect, so they go to the typesetter right away.”
—Kate Lothman, editor, Duke University Press

“I can’t thank you enough for your flexibility and understanding with this project!”
—Virginia Somma, editor, Stratford Publishing Services

“Thanks again for your speedy and professional approach to this project. And if you ever need another glowing recommendation to add to your supply, I would be happy to contribute.”
—Kirsten Ostherr, Cinematic Prophylaxis, Duke University Press

“You did a great job and I will be happy to recommend you to anyone, should you ever need any recommendations.”
—Myrna Santiago, The Ecology of Oil, Cambridge University Press

“Please thank the indexer for doing a stunning, creative, and comprehensive job. As a historian who toils between indexes, endnotes, and bibliographies, I only wish that every non-fiction book had such a terrific index. It is a fantastic contribution to the overall book.”
—Rock Brynner, Empire & Odyssey, Steerforth Press

“It’s superb! I’m attaching my copy of the index with changes tracked—there are only a few and they are relatively minor— if they don’t make sense to you, please disregard, as my suggestions might fall outside the style requirements for indexes! Thanks again for being patient, for caring about this project, and for excellent work.”
—Sharon P. Holland, Crossing Waters, Crossing Worlds, Duke University Press

“The index is excellent. Reading through it brings back the pleasure of discovery and creation while writing the book. This index convinces me that indexers really do have to know much more than ‘the discipline,’ or at least know it in relation to some of the critical issues and debates that define it. The choice of subheads is really impressive. I’m convinced more than ever that authors shouldn’t be their own indexer. At least not this one. Many thanks.”
—Daniel Brewer, The Enlightenment Past, Cambridge University Press

“One last note: I am copying here Jan Williams, the excellent indexer with whom I worked for both this Oxford book and an earlier one (last summer) with Duke University Press. I don’t know whether Oxford keeps a list of outstanding indexers to recommend to new authors, but Jan has been outstandingly helpful and reliable every step of the way. Her advice was always on target, even when I thought I knew better. She was flexible, committed, and always ready to go the extra mile to produce a good final result. I send along my highest praise and hope that Oxford could keep her in mind if it keeps names of good colleagues.”
—Nancy Condee, The Imperial Trace, Oxford University Press, and Antinomies of Art and Culture, Duke University Press

“Barbara Reeves-Ellington said you were a pleasure to work with, and I think you did a great job on her index.”
—Mark Mastromarino, editor, Duke University Press