And in such indexes, although small pricks to their subsequent volumes, there is seen the baby figure of the giant mass of things to come at large.

— Shakespeare
Troilus and Cressida



I routinely provide the following services for my clients as I write their indexes:

  • Through my close reading of your book, I will find most errors and inconsistencies that may remain. I will query the author and/or editor regarding inconsistencies, and provide a list of typographical errata at no extra charge.
  • Your index will be carefully edited for logical consistency and thoroughness, and proofread for accuracy. My goal is to provide a vehicle for users that is clear, accurate, and thorough.
  • Each publisher maintains its own style preferences, and I am familiar with most of them. I use specialized software to manage these formatting requirements, and can easily meet the standards of your publisher.
  • I deliver each and every index on time. In fact, my indexes are often delivered well before the scheduled deadline.
  • Your index will be sent to you as an electronic attachment to an email, unless you make other arrangements.
  • Up to one hour for author revisions to the index will be provided free of charge. Indexer errors will of course be corrected at no charge.
  • Rates for indexes are based on the density of the text, the level of indexing required, and possible foreign language content. They can be calculated using either a page rate or an hourly rate. I prefer to use a page rate, but I am flexible in this regard. The best way to get an exact estimate is to send a copy of the Table of Contents, several pages from the Introduction, and several more from the center of the book. This way I can determine what is required for your specific project.