It is easy enough to make an index, as it is to make a broom of odds and ends, as rough as oat straw; but to make an index tied up tight, and that will sweep well into the corners, isn’t so easy.

—John Ruskin



Indexing Experience

Since 1998, I have indexed textbooks, scholarly, trade, professional, medical, and cookery books, working for both large and small publishers, and directly for authors.

I have created annual and cumulative indexes for journals, worked as part of a large database indexing team, and participated in thesaurus development projects.

I index in a varied range of topics, from science and public policy to health and lifestyle. In the scholarly arena, I index in most of the humanities and social sciences. Please see Selected titles for an overview of the fields in which I have experience.


My strengths include strong analytical and organizational skills, close attention to detail, and flexibility in accommodating the scheduling demands of the twenty-first century publishing world.

Foreign Languages

I speak, read, and index in French as well as English. I have studied Spanish, Italian, and several Slavic languages. I have mastered the spelling and diacritical demands of many others, including Czech, Arabic, Turkish, and Tamil.


Master of Science, Speech Pathology, Boston University

Bachelor of Arts, French and English, Bucknell University

Work Experience

1998–present: Freelance Indexer

1979–present: Speech Pathologist